Count & Castle Interior DesignMary Anne Smiley, ASID, RIDSandra K. Whigham, ASID, RIDRichard A Gordon, Allied ASIDJoanie Wyll, ASIDSonya L. Jackson, Associate ASIDLaura Britt DesignKimberly Allen, Allied ASID Dennis Waters, ASIDJan Leachman, Allied ASIDCristie Schlosser, ASID, RIDDebbie L. Cherry, ASIDTracy Rasor, Allied ASIDKathy Adcock-Smith, ASIDJulie A. Lumbert, Allied ASIDAshley Astleford, ASIDMarilyn Rolnick-Tonkon, ASIDDona Rosene ASIDAmanda Stephenson,  Allied ASIDKari Kennel Whitman, Allied ASIDLisa Barron, Allied ASIDBates Design Associates, LLCMargaret B. Chambers, ASIDRichens Designs, Inc.Rosemarie Rene, ASIDDouglas Paul Salzman, Allied ASIDLinda Flory McCalla, ASIDLinda Davis, ASIDLaura T. Burton, Allied ASIDRhonda Elaine Vandiver-White, ASID, RID, IIDA, LEED AP Julie Evans, Allied ASIDKaren A. Kitowski, ASIDErin Sander, ASIDMichael R. Foran, ASIDMrs. Leslie Thomas, Allied ASIDMrs. Christine A. Eustice, ASID, RIDKimball A. Bonamici, Allied ASIDPatti Allen, ASIDAlana VillanuevaDiane P. Mallory, ASIDLinda Fritschy, ASIDEtty Lass Brish, Allied ASIDAmanda Still, Allied ASIDCheri Etchelecu, ASIDJohn Phifer Marrs, ASIDJoyce E. Schiska, Allied ASIDLila Parker, ASIDCheryl A. Van Duyne, ASID, RID, NCIDQPam Kelley, Allied ASIDCarole S. Harston, ASIDSuzy Childress, RID, Allied ASIDMs. Sharon S. Hayslip Smith, ASID, IIDALynn S. Sears, ASIDMr. Frederick Scott Yandrisovitz, Allied ASIDMichelle Y. Meredith, ASIDSharon L. Flatley, ASIDDoris A. Younger, ASIDJaynelle Ip, ASID, RIDRaymond Evans, ASID, RIDJen Mauldin, ASIDCatherine Dolen ASIDLaura Lee Clark Falconer, ASID RIDMr. Anthony V. Waters, ASIDPage GandyAmy Walton, ASIDMitchell McNeese, ASIDAimee Ihde, Associate ASIDBettyLou Phillips, ASIDC. Dianne EtheredgeAlisa C. Kraemer, ASID, RIDJan Showers, ASIDRebecca A Kennedy, Allied ASID
Kimberly Allen, Allied ASID
Rhonda Elaine Vandiver-White, ASID, RID, IIDA, LEED AP
Joyce E. Schiska, Allied ASID
Count & Castle Interior Design
Marilyn Rolnick-Tonkon, ASID
Tracy Rasor, Allied ASID
Mrs. Christine A. Eustice, ASID, RID
Jan Leachman, Allied ASID
Patti Allen, ASID
Kari Kennel Whitman, Allied ASID
Lisa Barron, Allied ASID
Douglas Paul Salzman, Allied ASID
Julie A. Lumbert, Allied ASID
Amy Walton, ASID
Alisa C. Kraemer, ASID, RID
Erin Sander, ASID
Etty Lass Brish, Allied ASID
Cristie Schlosser, ASID, RID
Laura Britt Design
Page Gandy
Suzy Childress, RID, Allied ASID
Mrs. Leslie Thomas, Allied ASID
Richard A Gordon, Allied ASID
Alana Villanueva
Sandra K. Whigham, ASID, RID
Laura T. Burton, Allied ASID
Mitchell McNeese, ASID
Kimball A. Bonamici, Allied ASID
Mary Anne Smiley, ASID, RID
Bates Design Associates, LLC
Kathy Adcock-Smith, ASID
Diane P. Mallory, ASID
Doris A. Younger, ASID
Amanda Stephenson, Allied ASID
Rebecca A Kennedy, Allied ASID
Mr. Frederick Scott Yandrisovitz, Allied ASID
Amanda Still, Allied ASID
Mr. Anthony V. Waters, ASID
Aimee Ihde, Associate ASID
Jen Mauldin, ASID
Sonya L. Jackson, Associate ASID
Raymond Evans, ASID, RID
Lynn S. Sears, ASID
Dona Rosene ASID
Jaynelle Ip, ASID, RID
Margaret B. Chambers, ASID
Ms. Sharon S. Hayslip Smith, ASID, IIDA
Karen A. Kitowski, ASID
Linda Fritschy, ASID
John Phifer Marrs, ASID
Joanie Wyll, ASID
Linda Flory McCalla, ASID
Dennis Waters, ASID
Cheryl A. Van Duyne, ASID, RID, NCIDQ
Cheri Etchelecu, ASID
Carole S. Harston, ASID
Laura Lee Clark Falconer, ASID RID
Michelle Y. Meredith, ASID
Linda Davis, ASID
Rosemarie Rene, ASID
C. Dianne Etheredge
Michael R. Foran, ASID
Debbie L. Cherry, ASID
Ashley Astleford, ASID
Pam Kelley, Allied ASID
BettyLou Phillips, ASID
Sharon L. Flatley, ASID
Jan Showers, ASID
Lila Parker, ASID
Richens Designs, Inc.
Julie Evans, Allied ASID
Catherine Dolen ASID
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Welcome to ASID Texas Chapter

The American Society of Interior Designers [ASID] is a community of people – designers, industry representatives, educators and students – committed to interior design.

Why does ASID exist? ASID advances the profession and communicates the impact of interior design to enhance the human experience.

Through education, knowledge sharing and advocacy, the Society strives to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively impact and change people’s lives. Of the Society’s 24,000 Practitioners, 20% practice Residential design, 30% practice Commercial design, and 50% practice both.

Each year, the Legacy of Design Awards recognize the finest interior design achievements within the Texas Chapter of ASID. GO HERE to find a list of the 2015 winners.

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