Past Chapter Presidents

The following ASID members sit on the distinguished Texas Chapter Council of Presidents. Their countless contributions to their respective Design Communities, the Texas Chapter, and the Society as a whole are deeply appreciated. The Society would not be where it is today without their dedication, generosity, expertise, and years of service to members.

2015-2016 Marissa Marmolejos, ASID
2014-2015 Robin Burrill, ASID
2013-2014 Kristy Mastrandonas, ASID
2012-2013 Kitty Wasemiller, ASID
2011-2012 Kelley Barnett, ASID
2010-2011 Dianne Etheredge, ASID
2009-2010 Diane Mallory, ASID
2008-2009 Laura McDonald Stewart, ASID
2007-2008 Rosemarie René, ASID
2006-2007 Fran Timbrook, ASID
2005-2006 M. Robbins Black, ASID
2004-2005 Christi Farley, ASID
2003-2004 JD Carter, ASID
2002-2003 Pat Campbell McLaughlin, ASID
2001-2002 Jackie Depew, ASID
2000-2001 Jerry Goebel, ASID *
1999-2000 Linda S. Steinberg, ASID
1998-1999 Richard Albert Trimble, ASID
1997-1998 Marilyn Roberts, ASID
1996-1997 Mary J. Stelter, ASID
1995-1996 Barbara A. Nugent, FASID
1994-1995 Jan Parker, FASID
1993-1994 Robert Preston Henry, ASID *
1992-1993 Derrick Dodge, ASID
1991-1992 John Phifer Marrs, ASID
1989, 1990-1991 James Marstiller, FASID
1987, 1988 Kathy Ford Montgomery, FASID
1986 Wesley Byrd, ASID
1985 Thomas Berry, ASID *
1984 Suzanne Patterson, FASID
1983 Ann Sullivan, FASID
1981, 1982 Arlis Ede, FASID
1980 Leroy W. Vaughn, ASID *
1978, 1979 Russell M. Stanley, FASID
1976, 1977 Jeannine Bazer-Schwartz, FASID
1975 Jerry Oden, ASID *


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