Appellation Use

All of us work hard for those letters, numbers and designations after our name, and it’s confusing to understand how to use them properly, so here is a guide to help you.

For ASID membership:

(Find out specifics on what each ASID appellation means by clicking here.)

  • Fellow: Jane Doe, FASID
  • Professional Member: John Doe, ASID
  • Professional Educator Member: John Doe, ASID
  • Allied Member: Jane Doe, Allied ASID
  • Allied Educator Member: Jane Doe, Allied ASID

Incorrect: Jane Doe, ASID, Allied Member

Incorrect: Jane Doe, ASID Allied Member

  • Industry Partner Member (Company): ABC Company, Industry Partner of ASID
  • Industry Partner Representative (Individual): Jane Doe, Representative for ABC Company, ASID Industry Partner
  • Student Member: John Doe, Student Member ASID

For TBAE [Texas Board of Architectural Examiners] / RIDs [Registered Interior Designers]:

TBAE is the multi-profession regulatory agency that oversees the examination, registration, and professional regulation of architects, interior designers, and landscape architects. Those who are RIDs in Texas pay an annual registration fee and take continuing education annually to comply with TBAE’s requirements for registration and the ability to call oneself a Registered Interior Designer in the State of Texas. According to Glenn Garry, Communications Specialist with TBAE: “There aren’t really any rules about how exactly a design professional can (or should) use his or her appellation.”

Acceptable:      John Doe, ASID, RID

Acceptable:      Jane Doe, ASID/RID

Acceptable:      John Doe, ASID
Texas Registered Interior Designer

Acceptable:      Jane Doe, ASID
Registered Interior Designer

*Acceptable:     John Doe, ASID
Texas RID No. xxxx

*Acceptable:     Jane Doe, ASID
Texas Registered Interior Designer No. xxxx

*Glenn Garry also reports: “As far as the registration number, the only real requirements touching on that are ones having to do with traditional advertising, such as phone books, newspaper ads, Web sites, etc. Some RIDs put the registration number in their materials (business cards, stationery, etc.), and some don’t. I suspect that those who do are proud that they’ve earned their stripes, but it’s not required.”

NOTE: If you are a RID, you are not required to use it in your appellation. It is merely an option. However, it does set you apart from others who call themselves Interior Designers and have not completed the steps of education, experience and examination to become registered. Go here to find out the history on why the Texas Interior Design Title Act was amended and signed into law by Governor Rick Perry on May 12, 2009.

For Active NCIDQ Certificate Holders:

On July 15, 2013 the appellation “NCIDQ” and a unique mark became available for use as an additional benefit for Active NCIDQ Certificate Holders. After completing the terms and conditions on their MyNCIDQ online account, Active NCIDQ Certificate holders have the option to sign their names “First Name Last Name, NCIDQ” and/or use a unique NCIDQ logo in their professional materials, which may be downloaded from the same online account.

For members of TAID [Texas Association for Interior Design]:

“TAID” is not an appellation. TAID is an association representing all the business and legislative aspects of the interior design industry in Texas, and anyone paying dues to and supporting the goals of TAID may be a member, regardless of whether or not he or she is an interior designer or is even in the design industry. If they so choose, TAID members may say that they are a member of TAID on their business cards, letterhead, website or any other marketing materials, but using “TAID” after one’s name is incorrect usage.

Incorrect: John Doe, ASID, TAID

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