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General Overview

The career path of a professional Interior Designer involves formal education, entry-level work experience, and a national qualifying examination [NCIDQ Exam]. Before you can even apply to take the exam, entry-level work experience is required. State and provincial licensing boards now require proof of quality interior design experience for licensure and/or registration, and legislative rules vary from state to state. (If you are an interior designer residing in Texas and want to take the NCIDQ Exam, then go here to find out more.)

The Society & Interior Design Legislation

Of all the opportunities now facing interior design professionals, the movement to secure interior designers’ right to practice is among the most significant. ASID is the interior design profession’s leader for the advocacy of interior design right-to-practice issues, building codes, public health, safety and welfare concerns, and other governmental issues relevant to the interior design profession. ASID has a full-time government and public affairs staff that includes three lobbyists registered with the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. ASID staff works with a board-appointed volunteer council – the ASID Legislative and Codes Advisory Council – to forward the Society’s legislative and codes objectives.

Go here to understand the issues, read ASID’s official stance, find out about regulations in other states, seek advocacy resources and coalitions, and provide feedback to ASID directly.

Go here to read the message written and distributed via email (on March 27, 2009) by the 2008-2009 Texas Chapter Board to its members regarding the current state of ID legislation in Texas.

Texas & Interior Design Legislation

The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners [TBAE] is the multi-profession regulatory agency that oversees the examination, registration, and professional regulation of architects, interior designers, and landscape architects in the state of Texas. If you are not yet registered in Texas and want to find out if you qualify either by Examination or by Reciprocity, please go here to find out more.

Texas is a “Title State.” This means that, unless one was “grandfathered in” back in 1991 when the original Title Act was adopted, an individual cannot call himself a Registered Interior Designer until he has passed the NCIDQ Exam, shown the state proof of this achievement, paid a registration fee to the state, and, finally, registered with the state. If one calls oneself a Registered Interior Designer and someone who knows otherwise reports that person, he can be fined heavily and prosecuted either in civil and/or criminal court.

TBAE requires that every year a Registered Interior Designer must accrue a total of eight Continuing Education Program Hours [CEPHs]. All of these educational hours must have to do with the health, safety and welfare [HSW] of the public. Please go to the CEUs & CEPHs page to find out many more important details regarding continuing education requirements.

Texas Interior Design Legislation Advocacy

The Texas Association for Interior Design [TAID] is an association representing all the business and legislative aspects of the interior design industry in Texas, and anyone paying dues to ($75 annually) and supporting the goals of TAID may be a member, regardless of whether or not he or she is an interior designer or is even in the design industry.

TAID’s Mission is 1) To promote the common interest of the industry; 2) Effectively communicate concerns to government; 3) Provide information and education to members; and 4) Protect the Health, Safety and Welfare of the Public.

TAID is not a professional organization like ASID, but members of ASID – as well as members of IIDA, other professional organizations, and non-affiliated designers – are members of TAID. Note that “TAID” is not a proper appellation to use behind your name. Go here to find out how to properly indicate that you are a member of TAID on business cards, brochures and websites if you would like to do so.

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