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In the past several years some of you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area may have received THE NETWORK, a quarterly magazine read by over 30,000 commercial real estate professionals – the members of more than 25 professional associations (architects, designers, engineers, property and facility managers, brokers, appraisers, construction workers, lawyers, accountants, bankers and many more). The Dallas-Fort Worth edition has been around and growing for over five years (after 15 years as Office and Commercial), and The Corridor (San Antonio-Austin) edition begins this year.

THE NETWORK is published by Andrew Felder, Principal of The CREST Publications Group/The Arsenal Companies, LLC, the same company who has produced the METROCON Expo & Conference Directory since 2008.


A Remarkable Opportunity for ASID & for YOU

Andrew has been giving and is continuing to give the ASID Texas Chapter the opportunity to contribute articles to and post event information in THE NETWORK at no charge.

The publication is a valuable opportunity for our commercially-focused members to share interior design practice information with others within this sector of the built environment, gaining them recognition and possibly opening doors to future business partnerships.

This venue also allows the chapter to share local events and programs, as well as national and international events and design research.

Our organization and our members having a voice* in this publication satisfies two of the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan, namely:

• Be the Core of the Design Network: Lead an inclusive strategy of collaboration across multiple disciplines, organizations and institutions.
• Develop the Practice: Execute a marketing, communications and advocacy plan that promotes the value of interior design and expands opportunities to practice.

*If you are interested in contributing an article to THE NETWORK on behalf of ASID Texas Chapter, please contact the chapter’s PR Committee Chair, Kathryn Nelson, Allied ASID: 214-632-7577 |


Secure your Access to THE NETWORK

Everyone has felt the impact of the economic downturn in the last few years. The publishing industry is no exception – even amongst major magazines. (Business Week ceased to exist in 2012; Newsweek went all digital. There are many others, as well.) The costs of paper, printing and mailing have all risen dramatically, and because of these factors, THE NETWORK is going (partially) UNPOSTAL. What that means is that the hardcopy of the magazine will still exist; however, it will only be available by subscription.

The CREST Publications Group website has been redone, and many years of their back issues, as well as the current ones, are available there at no cost and/or can be viewed on an iPad via their app (search TCREN).

If you would like to be alerted via email when digital versions are available, please send an email to Andrew Felder at and indicate the edition – Dallas-Fort Worth or Austin-San Antonio – that interests you.

If you prefer the printed version, however, you can subscribe via the website easily and quickly, and it will be mailed to whatever address you choose. THE NETWORK rate is very low in the hope that many loyal readers will continue to want to receive the printed publication.

So visit and GET NETWORKED today!

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