Industry Partner Benefits

Expand your business and network with fellow interior design industry professionals.

By joining ASID as an Industry Partner (IP), your company will have the opportunities to develop relationships with designers and expand on your knowledge of the design industry to stay competitive with ever increasing emerging information and research.

The ASID Industry Partner Program is dedicated to providing a forum that unites the professional designer with the industry that provides their products and services. Both interior designers and industry representatives share mutual concerns, common goals and financial interdependence. Together they work to improve products and services, business practices, design education and inter-communication.

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Baffled about what interior designers do? Want to gain a deeper understanding of the range of services they may offer and the breadth of the industry? Then go to ASID’s YouTube Channel and watch the videos “A Career in Interior Design,” “Interior Design: More Than Meets the Eye,” “The Value of Design,” “The Interior Design Process,” and “Designing for Health, Safety & Welfare.”

Benefits for all categories of Industry Partner membership with the Texas Chapter:

Industry Partner FAQ

How do I apply for membership?
Through ASID headquarters via the National website. For additional questions, you can call the ASID Customer Service Team at 202.546.3480 or your local Chapter office or Chapter Membership Director.

Who should I list as the main representative of the company?
The main representative of the company can be anyone from the general manager, the president, or the designer/architectural rep for your company. The main representative is responsible for receiving the company’s membership dues and for any additions or changes made to that membership.

All of the emails from National and your local Chapter(s) will go to all of the listed reps. If you have only one main rep for your company, it is suggested that they internally distribute ASID emails (newsletters, invitations, etc) to your staff so your entire company can be informed.

Once I am a member, how do I get involved with my local Chapter?
After you receive your new National member kit, you should also receive from our Texas Chapter, a copy of the current Chapter Directory and the latest Chapter Magazine. Our local Texas Chapter covers all areas of Texas except Houston (which is a separate Chapter: Texas Gulf Coast).

Since we have such a large membership, the designer members are divided geographically by seven (7) Design Communities (DC): Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio and West Texas.

Many of the local DC and all of the state-wide Chapter events are listed on the Chapter Calendar, and Industry Partners are welcome to participate. You may contact the closest local DC Leadership to you. Each DC has its own meeting schedules and special events that vary by each location. Most of the larger DCs have monthly meetings or special events, and some of the smaller ones have just several meetings throughout the year, take off for the summer or focus on one large event, depending on their geography.

For example: The Austin and Dallas DCs have annual design competitions (Design Excellence and DesignOvation, respectively); El Paso is involved in the local Eco-Build and CSI conferences; the Fort Worth and San Antonio DCs have several joint meetings with their local IIDA and/or AIA Chapters; West Texas has an annual day of continuing education; and several DCs have mentoring programs with area design schools, scholarship programs, etc.

When do I send membership dues?
Membership dues should accompany your application for the first 12 months of membership. After your 12 months have passed you will receive an invoice for the next year. This will be emailed to the listed main rep for your company.

What are additional representatives?
Additional representatives are members added to a company’s existing membership category.

How long does it take to process an application?
It takes from two to three weeks to process the application once it is received at ASID headquarters.

How long does it take to receive my new member kit?
It takes about two weeks after the approval date to receive your new member kit.

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