Legacy of Design Awards

The ASID Texas Chapter is full of amazingly innovative, cleverly creative designers just bursting with talent. From hospitality to healthcare, retail to residential, this dynamic group serves its clients well and deserves to be noticed.

The 2015 Celebration Event

This year’s Legacy of Design Awards, our annual competition recognizing the finest interior design achievements within the Texas Chapter, will take place the evening of Wednesday, August 12, 2015, in conjunction with the ASID Texas Chapter Annual Meeting, in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Dallas Hotel. Ticket sales and RSVPs will open HERE at 8am CST on July 13. For catering and planning purposes, all ticket sales and RSVPs will cease at 5pm CST on Friday, August 7th, so be sure to secure your spot by that time!

The 2015 Competition

The Legacy of Design Awards competition will place exclusively online via asidtexaslegacy.com between April 29 – June 5. This online entry submittal portal and process is designed to save you time and money. You won’t need to purchase binders and protective sleeves, print out photos, burn CDs, submit everything in sealed envelopes, pay for shipping, or make multiple trips to the supply store to put your entries together for submission. Instead, everything is right at your fingertips. The entry fee is $100 per entry.

Important Dates & Times
Apr 29 @ 8:00am | Online Entry Submission Opens HERE
June 5 @ 5:00pm | Deadline for Online Entry Submissions & Payment due HERE ATTN: THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 12 @ 5:00PM
July 13 @ 8:00am | Legacy of Design Awards Celebration Ticket Sales & RSVPs start HERE
Aug 7 @ 5:00pm | Legacy of Design Awards Celebration Ticket Sales & RSVPs end HERE
Aug 12 @ 5:30pm | Legacy of Design Awards Celebration

Important Tips
Before you get started at asidtexaslegacy.com, know these things:

• First time users will need to set up a user login. (Note that this login is NOT your regular asid.org or asidtx.org login.)
• If you entered the 2015 Dallas Design Community Design Ovation Awards, then you should use the same login for Legacy of Design. If you also enter the 2015 San Antonio Design Community Pinnacle of Design Awards or the 2015 Austin Design Community Design Excellence Awards (both in the fall), then you will use the same login for those competitions as well.
• If you are one of many people in your company that will be entering categories, consider having one login for the entire company. Otherwise, only one person will be able to work on specific categories and will have to jump between logins to work on different categories.
• If you ever lose your password, simply use the “LOST PASSWORD” link located at the top of the asidtexaslegacy.com page.
• Uploaded images cannot be larger than 3MB each and uploaded PDFs cannot be larger than 10MB each.

EXTRA TIPS for those who already created an account because they entered previous competitions and are experiencing some difficulties:
1. Clean out your browser’s cache on the computer you are using to access the competition website. GO HERE to find out how to do this on any browser version.
2. Make sure that you are in the “ASID” group. When you log in, click on the “My Profile” link up in the top right-hand corner and then make sure that the “ASID” box is checked under “Associations I’m A Member Of” section.

For questions concerning the online entry process, using the asidtexaslegacy.com website, and competition deadlines, please contact the 2015 Legacy of Design Co-Chairs: Annette Mallard, ASID: 817-372-1090 | asidtxlegacy@gmail.com & Kristy Mastrandonas, ASID: 214-458-9479 | kristy.m@kristymastrandonas.com.

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