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What does it mean to be an interior designer? How do we distinguish ourselves as professionals? These are questions that every young professional asks themselves as they embark on what they hope will be a long and successful career. The answers to these questions can take many forms, but one sure step in the right direction is passage of the NCIDQ* Exam. The NCIDQ Exam is a widely recognized trademark of professionalism in the interior design profession. It signifies that the individual who has met this challenge possesses the expertise and experience to serve their clients and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. Go here to read a summary of recent changes to the NCIDQ Exam.

ASID has long recognized the key role that the NCIDQ Examination plays in design practitioners’ career plans. Passage of this rigorous test signifies the hallmark of professionalism in the interior design community, and alerts the public to the expertise and experience of the designer who has met this challenge.

The ASID Texas Chapter is periodically offering NCIDQ Preparation Courses. The current list of planned courses is as follows:

- February 27-March 1, 2015 – Irving, Texas | Instructor: Phyllis D. Moore, FASID, RID of QPrepworkshops.
August 28-30, 2015 – Irving, Texas | Instructor: Phyllis D. Moore, FASID, RID of QPrepworkshops.

If you have any questions about NCIDQ Preparation Courses, please contact ASID Texas Chapter Professional Development Director – J.D. Carter, ASID:

*About NCIDQ

The National Council for Interior Design Qualification [NCIDQ], an independent, not-for-profit organization of state and provincial credentialing bodies, provides a professional examination in interior design. The core purpose of NCIDQ is to protect the health, life safety and welfare of the public by establishing standards of competence in the practice of interior design. The National Council for Interior Design Qualification serves to identify to the public those interior designers who have met the minimum standards for professional practice by passing the NCIDQ Examination.

NCIDQ continually updates the examination to reflect expanding professional knowledge and design development techniques. NCIDQ seeks the acceptance of its examination as a universal standard by which to measure the competency of interior designers to practice as professionals.

Completion of the NCIDQ Examination recognizes that an individual has met minimum competency standards for the practice of interior design. NCIDQ’s role includes the establishment of standards for education and experience and the administration of a minimum competency examination. Passage of the exam is a requirement for licensure in all NCIDQ member jurisdictions. The exam also serves as a qualifier for professional membership within interior design organizations and, for non-affiliates, represents a voluntary individual accomplishment.

Candidates receive an individual NCIDQ Certificate number when they successfully complete the examination cycle. The Certificate identifies the qualified practitioner, ensures recognition of expertise and assists development and self-improvement through the individual’s understanding of a body of knowledge and a set of professional standards.


If you are an interior designer residing in Texas and want to take the NCIDQ Exam, then it is crucial that you understand how to navigate the system. Furthermore, you need to understand how to take advantage of the significant benefit that ASID provides for in its Policies – namely, if you are an Allied Member advancing to Professional Member status by passing the NCIDQ Exam, then ASID will waive your first year of Professional Member dues, but only if you follow the appropriate procedures. Go here to find out what those procedures are, as well as the steps involved in signing up to take the NCIDQ Exam in Texas.

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